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Investment grade diamonds

Argyle certified Pink diamonds remain singularly attractive as an investment, with decades-long history of unmatched growth, and demand far outstripping supply.


Unmatched historical appreciation.

A broad snapshot across almost two decades speaks volumes for the performance of pink diamonds. They’ve appreciated by 389.7 percent over a 17-year period from January 2005 to December 2022. 

Whilst Argyle investment grade pink diamonds have a strong historical performance, the recent closure of the Argyle mine has seen prices rally up to 20% in 2022, and is anticipated to continue once the last of the precious gems held by the mine are sold. 

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Strength through tough times.

When others crumble, pink diamonds shine.

Historically pink diamonds have maintained their value during tough economic times, shrugging off the threats that bring other markets unstuck.

The Global Financial Crisis was no crisis at all for pink diamonds. Between 2007 and 2009 their value remained strong during a period when many other assets suffered a significant downturn. 


A sparkling performer for your SMSF.

Argyle certified pink diamonds represent an excellent asset to drive diversification of a SMSF portfolio.

SMSF trustees are increasingly finding Argyle Pink Diamonds a solid asset to add to their portfolio due to their strong historical performance, high potential for capital growth, very low volatility, and low holding costs

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There’s never been a better time to invest

Less than 1% of diamonds discovered at Rio Tinto’s Argyle Diamond mine in Western Australia were pink, which constituted over 90% of the global Pink Diamond supply.

The Argyle diamond mine ceased operations in November 2020.


It’s impossible to overstate the scarcity of Argyle pink diamonds, and this scarcity continues to drive both interest and value. While pink diamonds are being produced in some other areas of the world, Argyle pink diamonds continue to be considered the very finest.


In a market where no more are being produced, the time to secure an Argyle pink diamond as an investment is now.

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